Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Homestay On Offer

Salam sejahtera,
  Post ini dibuat untuk mempromosi homestay yg telah disediakan tapi kurang diketengahkan.  Ianya adalah flat 2 bilik di Kota Malim Prima dan mempunyai kemudahan asas seperti TV, Astro, peti ais, tandas dan bilik mandi berasingan serta katil untuk 4 orang.  Walaubagaimanapun, toto disediakan jika perlu. untuk tempahan, bolehlah menghubungi di nombor tertera atau 013-4070434.

pintu masuk di Studio Prima

Peta lokasi kediaman ke Tanjung malim dan  UPSI

Pandangan bilik 1

pandangan ruang legar

Bilik air dan tandas berasingan

Kemudahan jag dan peti ais

pandangan bilik 2

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Salam, it has been a while. This is a quick post becos someone wants to view a unit which I offer for rental on daily basis a.k.a homestay.. Enjoy the pictures.. view bilik 1 dari pintu bilik

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oversight or just plain stupid???

In the wake of some issues regarding the raid on DUMC by JAIS, some quarters are still ignorant about religious values that need to be respected. At first I thought the issue was only in the printed version as highlighted by but when I went online and found this , I was.......

I guess you should judge for yourself..

Friday, August 5, 2011

Liberal reading..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

been a while..


It has been since I last updated my blog. The lack of illustrations or pictures are bcos' I'm still learning the cut n paste function; still trying out how to link the pages and embed the address...

Bulan pose...

It has been 3 days since the Muslims completed their fasting days. As f me, the working hours are cut short; hence, the extra time is utilised in scouring the net. looking for beneficial material.

1 article that caught my attention is about how two friends spend their fasting month travelling around the U.S.A. Nice reading but the revelation might not be everybody's cup of tea....


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Senarai nama peserta..

NO Nama
529 Mohd Firdaus Talib Procity MTB
530 Zoolhalmy B Razali Procity MTB
531 Hairul Farok Bin Hashim Procity MTB
532 Mohammad Shukri Procity MTB
533 Ishak Bin Bakar Procity MTB
534 Pairul Azman Bin Mohd Nor Procity MTB
535 Mohd Taufik Procity MTB
536 Wan Nur Qamar Wan Mustafa Procity MTB
537 Ramdzan Bin Ali Saibon Procity MTB
538 Mohamed Embong Procity MTB
539 Raja Mohd Azim Bin Raja Haron Procity MTB
540 Mohd Amirul Fahmi Bin Nasir Procity MTB
541 Muhd Shah Bin Nor Ahmad Procity MTB
542 Muhamad Bin Aljana Procity MTB
543 Yusof Bin Abd Hak Procity MTB
544 Anuar Bin Hasnan Procity MTB
545 Mohd Zaim Bin Zainudin Procity MTB
546 Ahmad Izhar bin Saibon Procity MTB
547 L Qodriy Ali Badri Procity MTB
548 Hazlan bin salleh Procity MTB
549 Azizan Abd Aziz Procity MTB
550 Mohd Amin Bin Udin Procity MTB
551 Fahruzzaman Bin Masrut Procity MTB
552 Saiful Lizan Bin Mohd Lajis Procity MTB
553 Mohd Yusof bin Mohd Noor Procity MTB
554 Musdi B Iskandar Procity MTB
555 Arman Bin Nordin Procity MTB